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Tunnel is a puzzle platformer in which you play an apprentice god during its first practicals. Your exercice takes place under the watch of one of the gardians maintaining the machines at the borders of the universes. The guardians are greatly respected in general, but this one receives even more respect. Indeed, the legend says that he has imagined and built the machines all alone.

As your mentor explained to you, the working of the machines allow to keep the global equilibrium, thus they must not be turned off. Never. One of the task of a good god is to find these materials.

Unfortunately the first machine you see turns off as soon as you touch it…

Will you find your way through the universes and collect the required materials to fix it before something bad happens?


As a company, we cannot receive any donation. Nevertheless, if you still want to give us some money, you can buy our previous game for any amount you want. You can be confident that your money will be well spent in the production of this game.


The game is in an early prototype state. It has been released to receive feedback from the players, so feel free to download and to send your comments by e-mail or via Facebook and Twitter.

We provide the Windows build and the source code under the terms of the GNU GPL 2 and the CC by-sa 3 license. If you build a Linux package, please send it to us so we can add it in the downloads.

You are welcome to clone the repository on Github.

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