Unless otherwise specified, our projects are released as free softwares, under the terms of the GNU GPL 2 and the CC by-sa 3 license.

Our games


Tunnel is a puzzle platformer in which you play an apprentice god during its first practicals. Your exercice takes place under the watch of one of the gardians maintaining the machines at the borders of the universes. Your goal is simple: find the materials to fuel these machines before the end of the worlds.

Plee the Bear

Plee the Bear is a platform game in which you play an angry bear whose son has been kidnapped by god. Here is a guy hard to brave! Jump in this amazing journey to find and rescue your son. Because you want to rescue him, don't you? Or to slap him? Maybe both….

Andy's Super Great Park

Are you frustrated by roller coasters? Are you so bored that you prefer to play chess during the ride? Well, don't worry anymore, you're going to smile again.

Join us in Andy's Super Great Park: the roller coasters from hell which we travel at full speed in a barrage of explosions.

More stuff

Pack My Sprites

Pack My Sprites is a program that generates sprite sheets from a collection of images made with Gimp.

The process does not requires the user to produce any intermediate image files and makes the modifications on the source images costless for the project.